June 27, 2018

Dates in QuickBooks

While assisting and training clients using QuickBooks, I frequently see a lot of inefficiency in how they enter dates. Here are some Date Keyboard Shortcuts in QuickBooks to make selecting the correct date easier.

  • The year does not need to be entered.  QuickBooks defaults to the current year (be careful when entering prior year, or next year transactions near year-end)
  • If you do enter the year, only the last 2 digits are required.
  • If the default date should be ‘today’ – just press the ‘t’ key (for ‘t’oday)
  • To advance the date, press the ‘+’ (plus key) and the date will move forward by 1 day
  • Press the  ‘-‘ (minus key) to go backwards one day at a time.

Business owners reviewing their business plan

You can find many more of these ‘keyboard shortcuts’ in the Help pages in QuickBooks, such as end/beginning of year or month.

Keyboard shortcuts are not just limited to dates but can be used for other activities depending on the page/activity.

A full list of keyboard shortcuts for QuickBooks can be found here.


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