Is QuickBooks Self-Employed the right tool for you to track your income and tax deductions?

QuickBooks Self-Employed Industries

Who are the self-employed?

• Typically do not have a “brick and mortar” establishment
• Work for other individuals or businesses but are not employees
• Work as freelancers or independent contractors
• Complete a form Schedule C with their tax return

Do any of these statements fit your business?

“My situation is fluid. I don’t know how much money I will make from month to month”

“Essentially, what I’m selling is me – my time and expertise”

“I cobble jobs together to make a living. I have a part-time job and then I pick up extra gigs from Craigslist”

“When I go on vacation, the work comes with me so I don’t lose money or clients”

If they do, then QuickBooks Self-Employed may be right for you.

QuickBooks Self-Employed is a VERY simple software to help you keep track of your income and business expenses, to maximize your deductions.

This is NOT QuickBooks Online – it is much simpler AND less expensive.

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