A virtual CFO makes it possible for small and mid-size businesses to receive CFO-level support without the cost of internally hiring one. Virtual CFOs typically work on a part-time basis, which is why it is more affordable. Yet, still, they provide similar financial expertise and competence of a full-time professional.

The specific duties of a virtual CFO are unique to the company providing them but can include:

  • Managing all financial activities of the business.
  • Providing financial insights on business decisions.
  • Generating company-specific reports.
  • Monitoring the financial health and growth of the business.
Client Accounting Services (CAS) is full-service booking PLUS!
Services can range from monthly reconciliations and review to full-fledged outsourced bookkeeping and accounting functions, even payroll.



QuickBooks and Xero are both common small business accounting software packages.  While Xero is entirely cloud (web) based, QuickBooks has both an Online and Desktop version.  Determining which is best for you is not always easy – I am here to help.

While QuickBooks is the most common go-to for many people, Xero has been growing rapidly and has its own features and functions that may make it a better solution for you.  Both integrate with many other applications that reduce duplicate data entry.

– Click HERE for more on QuickBooks software and Services

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Nonprofit organizations have a number of additional management and record keeping requirements in addition to what ‘traditional’ businesses have.

Many small organizations have relied on QuickBooks.  However, most do not know how to configure and use it to its best ability to provide 990, grant and program reporting.

I can help configure and create custom reports to meet your organization’s needs.

For some organizations that may have outgrown QuickBooks or want a TRUE fund accounting package, I have extensive experience with Abila MIP Fund Accounting.



A popular CRM (customer relations management) software platform, free for nonprofits (up to 10 users).  It also provides workflow automation.



Law firm engagement management software.  Manage your clients and their cases, keeping required reporting information.  Billing can be connected to QuickBooks for you to manage the firms operations and financial reporting

Additional Services:

Every business is unique and has its own needs and requirements – they have their own ways of operating.  So, while many specific services have been outlined on this website, they are not all-inclusive. 


Actual services are custom tailored to the client’s needs.

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