July 31, 2018

Why you should use your own domain email

Does Your Email Address Work For You or Against You?

email envelopeYour email address is a valuable tool to market your business.  Make it work for you– not for Comcast, Verizon, or Yahoo.

Customers expect your business to have a domain name and website.  An address like keving@yourcompnay.com tells them you’re a serious business person with an online domain (yourcompany.com) where they can find you.

The words that come after the @ sign make an important statement about your business and how your customers see you.

Benefits of having your own domain email include:

  • Name Recognition & Branding – Having your own domain email is an easy way to promote your company.  Your prospects see your name with every email.  The more they see your name, the more they’ll think of you and the easier it is for them to remember you.
  • Customer Trust – Consistent marketing builds trust, and so does meeting your customers’ expectations.  They expect to see your domain name after the @ sign in the email.  It says you’re professional and operate an established business.
  • Easy to Find You Online – Customers will type in the domain part of your email address (the part that comes after the @ sign) to find you online, often when they’re ready to buy.  If your email says comcast.com or yahoo.com at the end, they can’t easily find you.  And if they can’t find you, they can’t buy from you!
  • You, Not Your ISP, Own Your Email Address – Your email address stays with you.  You don’t have to change it if you move or change your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Save Money on Marketing Materials – You won’t need to reprint your business cards, letterhead, signage or other marketing materials if you move or change ISPs or web hosts.  You own the email address and it goes where you go.
  • Build Marketing Momentum – You’ll build marketing momentum by using a consistent email address that doesn’t change over time.  Old customers can easily reach you again.

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