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Accounting, Financial and Information Consulting for Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations....
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Personal Finances

Client Accounting Services


This can include assistance in setting up your accounting system to provide required reports (IRS/Bank/Audit), temporary accounting work, or preparing documentation for an audit.



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Nonprofit Consulting


Nonprofit organizations ARE businesses – but they have additional, special needs and requirements.  I can assist with accounting and information systems to help organizations meet their missions.  Learn more…….



Software is a key asset in any company/organization.  It provides tools to accomplish your work or mission, and the information to make better decisions


I am Certified in both QuickBooks (Desktop/Online) and Xero.  See how I can help…. Learn More

What am I about….


Many small businesses and nonprofits don’t know what they do not know – I am here to help with that.


The goal is to provide the organizations with the tools and knowledge that they need to be successful in their endeavors.

I have earned by CPA (inactive) and an MBA in Operations Management, I am also advanced certified in QuickBooks.

I am certified in both QuickBooks Online and desktop software, as well as Abila MIP Fund Accounting software.

For customer or donor contact management I am very experienced with Salesforce.


Next Steps…


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Do you have a home caregiver or companion?

Are you prepared for the risks?

Most people do not understand all of the rules, regulations and tax related issues.  Contact me to find out if you may have risk exposure.

QuickBooks Online vs Desktop Version